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Game Maker Quiz

Test your GM knowledge


Here you can test your Game Maker knowledge and measure your programming skills! The Game Maker Quiz is a test of 30 questions about Game Maker, and at the end you will be able to put a nice banner in the signature of your Game Maker Community account.

Version 1.3a (stable)

Release date: 3 January 2008
Language: English
System requirements: Pentium PC running Windows 98SE/NT/2000/Me/XP/Vista/7 with DirectX 8.0 or later installed, DirectX 8 (or later) compatible graphics card with at least 16 MB of memory, DirectX 8 compatible sound card, at least 16-bit colour depth

Project status

A stable version of this product has been released. The project was announced at 19 June 2005.


Created by: Blijbol
Music by: Richard Gamezzz
Powered by: Game Maker

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24 May 2015 Aaron Berr
Game maker doesn't have an ad... It has a watermark....

15 September 2012 ldleclerc
This sucks ass. Nearly all the questions are out-dated. Hardly any questions have anything to do with how experienced you are with game maker.

And: "How to specify images in the 3D functions?"
"How to destroy all etc... "
Dude, lrn2grammar.

28 December 2011 psycho_666
since when does game maker exist? really? and if i don't know i'll be low rank? omg...

28 December 2011 psycho_666
haha, is this stupid quiz or what? Does it really matter if i know or not who created game maker? Does it really matter if i know the price of a key? wtf... and all else is GML... great quiz... couldn't suc more...

29 March 2011 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
It is probably a false positive.

To be sure, you can use the SHA-1 hash to verify that no virus has been added to the file since I published it.

26 March 2011 NpN Games
WOW! I downloaded a virus! My antivirus(Quick Heal) detects it as Constructor Worm.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are you people doing? I wanted to take the test :(

10 February 2011 EpicallyAWSM
Doesn't work.

Windows 7

"Unexpected error occured when running the game" error.

25 August 2010 YOYO: creator2000
The BBCode is just, Right Click On The Image, And Click Copy Image Location...You Should Probably Get More Security For That, but no hurry.... x-)

10 August 2010 DoDo1234
(Not that im gonna say im an expert or anything, thats cheating...)

10 August 2010 DoDo1234
Just found something awesome.
you know you get something like this?
change the

16 February 2010 Anonymous
i am fairly new to game maker and i need to know how to make questions in the game. i need the question to pop up after the character hits a certain object. if anybody can tell me how or send me a link with a tutorial, that would be great.

email me if you have an answer @
for the subject put GAME MAKER TUT

27 August 2009 Kurt Rumbaugh
Witch would be like Intermediate Users? Experienced? only thing that don't match with the GMC ranking. for the "Working With Game Maker" shows Novice and Intermediate Users , Advanced Users Only , Expert Users .

3 June 2009 ProgWare
I have Windows 2000 and XP
on XP work correct but on 2k says:unexpected error when running the game !!!!

30 May 2009 a person
I am an *img**/img* in the *url=]GM Quiz*/url]!
*note its 5star i checked

27 May 2009 GreenX
As said before, this is a more of a test of GM history than GM programming.

11 May 2009 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
It's not a mathematical question, it's about how GM approaches the answer. This quiz was written for GM6. GM6 only had single precision.

9 May 2009 Prog
For question 9, all choices equals one:

floor(1)=1 rounded down to 1

19 April 2009 Brad
Dangit... I got a 'New User' rating!!!
I had this unbeleivably awsome idea to sell online using Game Maker... But I think I'd might want to fit in about 1-2 more years of experiance first.

22 March 2009 Joffysloffy
Delphi is a language, it is just very similar to Pascal, isn't it?

I got the 4-star image by the way ^^.
Great test, the historic questions should not be removed. The questions are fine.

5 December 2008 ellioterm
well one of the questions is what language was game maker made it

pascal and delphi lol...delphi isnt a language delphi is pascal lol

29 October 2008 Photcopier
useless, it's not a test of programing but a test of knowledge of the history of game maker.

16 May 2008 Elum
The quiz does not work for me it says "unexpected error when running the game"
I'm running Wink2k SP4

15 May 2008 Orc Leader
I'm awesome!

29 March 2008 Elegroth
It's Great! I got the Third Rank, Experienced User, and I think that the History Questions should be kept because if you know the History then that shows your knowledge of the Program.

Great Job!

18 March 2008 Lemon Pie
Ummm.... Its not working on my CPU...

16 February 2008 Noobfarm
You need to find a solution so people can't just use a different image tag.

9 February 2008 ????
I got Brand New User... Not Really, It's Downloading now... No one knows my most commonly used username, though...

9 January 2008 Fede-lasse
Hmm.. i got novice too.
I think it's more related to Game Maker itself, instead of testing your programming skills.

4 January 2008 will
Add the "No music" edition back plz

3 January 2008 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
From now on, the quiz also works on Windows Vista.

3 January 2008 Nijg
Well, I think it would be the best quiz if you took out all those gm history questions, because knowing the history of gm does not affect your skill in gm.

But it is by far the most professional looking gm quiz, and somewhat accurate, but it would be extremely accurate if you take out those history questions.

I got Novice.

22 December 2007 Anonymous
Cool novice though. It would be nice to have a quiz with just programming, but that kind of deletes the purpose of a 'game maker' quiz. If someone wanted to test their programming it would be called something else.

8 October 2007 milotigger
i think is is sorta unfair (no offense).

19 August 2007 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
The download works fine for me.

I'm currently not working on this quiz. It is not updated to GM7. However, you can use the following program to run the quiz under Vista:

17 August 2007 ...
why do you need to authenticate yoruself when downloading and i don't see anyjoin stuff either

20 July 2007 -Insane-
Well, I'm terribly sorry for double-commenting, but now I have a legit suggestion:
Have you though of porting it to Windows Vista/DirectX 10?


20 July 2007 -Insane-
Well, I just wanted to say that I'm still waiting for a test containing only, and only GML or GM programming related questions.

Oh yeah, can you give me an example on how knowing GM's past would help you in game maker?
Well, I know as much that GM5 used OpenGL instead of the current DirectX interface, which I suppose could help you a bit, but what else?


1 July 2007 VGC Leader
I dont think that it is insane. If you are really into Game Maker then this quiz is a must! Plus, knowing a bit of Game Maker's past can help you out with Game Maker now.

29 May 2007 -Insane-
I think it's unfair to have so many questions related to other version of Game Maker.

I believe it should be "Expert Historian" instead of "Expert User".


There are 30 comments available in Dutch


After doing the test you'll get one of the following ranks:

Brand-new user This lowest rank requires 0 correct answers (0%).

New user This rank requires 12 correct answers (40%).

Novice user This rank requires 17 correct answers (57%).

Experienced user This rank requires 21 correct answers (70%).

Advanced user This rank requires 25 correct answers (83%).

Expert user This highest rank requires 28 correct answers (93%).

You will also be able to obtain the BBCode to put the banner of the rank in the signature of your Game Maker Community account.

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