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Base Converter

From one numeral system to another


Do you want to convert numbers from one numeral system to another quickly? Then this program comes in handy. It converts positive integers in bases between 2 and 36.


Licence: Use the program below at your own risk. You are only allowed to change this source code for private usage. Any adapted version of this program cannot be distributed. The text '' must remain clearly visible from within the program. Copyright 2007 Jeroen van der Gun.
:Disp "<Base Converter>
:Input "From base-",B
:If B<2 or B>36 or fPart(B
:Goto 1
:Input "",Str0
:If Ans>B or not(Ans
:Goto 1
:If Ans≥10^(13
:Goto 1
:Input "To base-",B
:If B<2 or B>36 or B=Ans or fPart(B
:Goto 1
:Repeat not(X
:If not(Ans
:Lbl 0
:Lbl 1

Version 1.0 (stable)

Release date: 24 October 2007
Language: English
System requirements: Texas Instruments graphing calculator running TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus operating system (Silver Edition is also fine), 421 bytes free RAM memory or archive space for storage (during use more RAM memory is needed)

Project status

A stable version of this product has been released. The project was announced at 24 October 2007.


This tool has been created by Jeroen van der Gun.

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